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The Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO) is the professional and protective organization representing over 78,000 teachers, occasional teachers, and education professionals employed in the public elementary schools of Ontario. All public elementary teachers in Ontario are active members of ETFO provincially, and also a member of one of its 76 locals across the province.

ETFO strives to develop programs and services that both protect and enhance the working lives of its members in these challenging times for education. It works continuously to provide an environment that celebrates the diversity of its members and the students in their care. In addition to its internal work in support of members, ETFO reaches out to the broader community to foster a climate of social justice in this province and beyond.

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ETFO Teachers

There are over 30 ETFO Teacher Locals in Ontario. Each local has a unique population and geographic location/distribution. ETFO Teacher Locals comprise of a highly diverse and committed community of educators who serve a myriad of Teachers across Ontario. Most members who serve on ETFO local executive boards are dedicated volunteers. Many are highly knowledgeable about the rights and responsibilities of Teachers in Ontario.

ETFO Human Rights Statement

The Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario is committed to:

  • providing an environment for members that is free from harassment and discrimination at all provincial or local Federation sponsored activities;
  • fostering the goodwill and trust necessary to protect the rights of all individuals within the organization;
  • neither tolerating nor condoning behaviour that undermines the dignity or self-esteem of individuals or the integrity of relationships; and
  • promoting mutual respect, understanding and co-operation as the basis of interaction among all members.

Harassment and discrimination on the basis of a prohibited ground are violations of the Ontario Human Rights Code and are illegal. The Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario will not tolerate any form of harassment or discrimination, as defined by the Ontario Human Rights Code, at provincial or local Federation sponsored activities. 

ETFO FNMI Statement: